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Positive Pay

Prevent check fraud in a few simple steps

Your business works hard to achieve financial success. The last thing you need is to lose profits to scam artists and lawbreakers. With Positive Pay, your business and Premier Bank professionals team up to identify forged or altered checks and to prevent them from being charged to your accounts.

  • Designed for businesses that issue a high volume of checks
  • Your business provides Premier Bank with a computer file every time it issues a batch of checks
  • When those checks are presented for payment, Premier Bank compares the check details - including check number, account number and dollar amount - against the digital list
  • If something doesn't match, we flag the check and send it back to your business for review
  • Your team can view the check electronically and quickly decide whether to reject it or approve payment
  • No fees and a single sign-on for Online Banking and Positive Pay make this a popular service

Premier Bank of the South is a full-service financial institution with offices throughout North Alabama.

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